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master stylist

Chicago native, Jeannie Lawler is a celebrated hairdresser who leads an illustrious career within the salon industry.  As one of the most sought after hairstylists in the industry and internationally, Jeannie Lawler possesses an endless passion for creating innovative and conceptual styles that display the perfect balance between texture and movement.  
Jeannie immerses the client with an in-depth consultation prior to all hair services.  It’s important for her to gather detailed information which becomes knowledge to fuel individual stunningly creative haircuts, styles and color designs.  Because everything shared is valuable, she encourages conversation and visuals – bring hair photos as a picture says a thousand words!  Once her ground work is complete, defining decisions to the haircut are made. Does it stay long?  A stylish medium length?  Or a fresh short look?  Regardless of texture straight or curly, thick or fine, Jeannie  will use her skill in the Art of Dry Cutting to unveil a beautiful complimentary new look.  
Jeannie is generous with her gifts and freely advises on home care, hair styling products and techniques for maintenance, and reveals other options, variety to the style. Whilst in the chair, she demonstrates how to recreate the look at home.  This entrepreneur is the founder and driving-force behind the highly-reputable salon A Jeannie Lawler Studio in Los Angeles, California where she continues to serve a plethora of dedicated clients between Los Angeles, Cayman Islands and Chicago. From runway, bridal, everyday fashion to editorial Jeannie can make it happen. The sky is the limit!

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senior stylist

Jamaican native, Bridgette Telfer-Lovejoy joined the Studio Team in August 2019. Bringing over 30 years experience in every texture of hair, her skill in haircutting and styling shows her passion for her craft. Her personable and sweet nature is all her clients need to trust her to do her magic.
Bridgette  masters all her ongoing trainings that is held for the Studio Team. As soon as she completes a training, her clients see her mannequins work and they quickly request the new looks!

Bridgette is a master blow-dry artist. She wows you with her bouncing, voluminous blowdries. She has that old-school vibe in styling with a modern new twist to today's product knowledge and styling. She can easily hone into what your hearts desires are for your styling and haircare needs. 

Bridgette brings lots of fun and excitement to the Team and you will love visiting her at the Studio.  
She is versatile in both women's and mens cutting/styling. She can always find the right product and style to suit your haircare needs.

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