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So, here we were, ready for the best year of our lives. 20/20 vision for most of us. All of our pictures for the new year were full of excitement and hope for a better future. Little did we know that the year would come to a screeching halt out of no where and our hopes and dreams shattered by yet another uneventful year. This time from no self sabotaging of our own. Or was it? Anyways, I haven't a clue what just happened. All I know now is how are we going to adjust to our #newnormal especially in the salon.

For us industry professionals, disinfecting our tools and salons have always been a part of our protocol. Sanitation and disinfection is one of the first classes you take before you even touch a client. Throughout your entire beauty school career, n you are told to make sure your service protocols are sanitizing and disinfecting. We hated it! it wasn't what we came to beauty school to we thought. Working with the public brings a different dynamic to how you see your craft. From being told to sanitize your tools and disinfect your station so many times it becomes like second nature. It follows you throughout your career, well some of us. (crickets). As a former beauty school instructor I can say there are just some people who just don't give a f*ck and you will find them as stylists to this day spreading scalp bacteria etc (yuck). I have seen it all. In the States, our cosmo final exams have a large portion of sanitation and disinfection that we have to pass to successfully graduate beauty school. Not to mention the state board exam has more than 1/3 of the test about sanitation questions. Some states still make you pass a practical, as I had to in Indiana and California, my illinois and Indiana license require Continuing education hours(CE) to renew your license. When I took my practical test for California, we had to make sure our sanitation was on point during the practical test because it can cause you to instantly fail if they catch you cheating the system.

Fast forwarding to COVID19. As a salon owner and long time stylist, disinfection and sanitation in the salon has always been a priority. First and foremost because the health of someones hair and scalp is of the utmost priority. It is very important to know these protocol for simple measures and combatting the common cold and flus that go around every year. I know we have never dealt with this type of flu before, but I am most positive our salon sanitation and disinfecting game is on point. Its something I have always believed in a practice daily. I train every staff member to follow protocols that can be located in our salon handbook. We have always made sure that we disinfect our tools after each guest and we always use a clean, washed and bleached cape for each guest. My staff always laugh at me because I bleach everything so much that I have to constantly replace towels and capes because they either start to get tools in them or bleach stains from the bleach.

In this unprecedented new era, I know that we are going to have to be way more conscious of our sanitation techniques than ever before so we can keep all of our beautiful guests and ourselves safe. Guests may have not of noticed our sanitation protocols before, but I am sure everyone will be noticing and asking now.

What are you to expect as a guest coming back into the salon after quarantine? You can expect us to be a lot more cautious and conscious of everyones health and safety. We will no longer be offering drinks and candies...boooo...alot of our guests come to us just for that! Well, maybe not just that. LOL. We will be asking about your current health situation, if you are not feeling well please reschedule for another day and time when any symptoms are gone, including allergies. We will be asking all of our guests to bring their masks and wear them at all times during your salon visit. We will have sanitizer readily available located on stations and front desk. We will be asking all guests to make sure they schedule their appointments as we will not be accepting any walk-ins.

In any case, we always will do what we have to do to keep things running smoothly and accommodating each client as we go. We know there will be some changes to how we do business in our "new normal" but we are mostly looking forward to opening again. We are especially lucky to be here in the Cayman Islands, as the Government here has handled this so graciously. I know all of our clients are begging for us to be open just as we are waiting patiently to open for business, but we are grateful the Premier is taking a more cautious route. Enjoy your time to let your hair and scalp rest, easier said than done I know...ut truly its worth it.

We miss all of our lovely clients that allow us to be the creative geniuses that we are. We willl see you soon! xoxo

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